Ornamental Plants

  • June is a great time to pop in and take the time to explore what you may have overlooked in previous busy spring months.

  • Super petunias, wave petunias, classic petunias; always a great summer performer

  • Loads of great perennials and annuals to make your  container gardens pop!

  • Look for Canna lilies for a tropical touch to the garden.

  • Water plant display is filling up with a greater selection.

  • Shop for grasses and succulents in 4" and 1 gallon containers.

  • So many varieties of succulents in 4" pots easy to plop into the garden!

  • Find red, white and blue flowers for Fourth of July decorating.

  • Boxwood topiaries, elegant and always in style - great selection

  • Ladybugs, praying mantis and beneficial nematodes are available thru summer.

Edible Plants

  • There is still some time to plant tomatoes, peppers, squash and melons.

  • Summer vegetable selection continues for last minute additions and crop succession.

  • Lots of herbs to complement summer vegetables: basils, parsleys, cilantro, dill, thymes, chervil, savory, oreganos, sages, fennels, tarragons, chives, lemon balm, stevia, lemon verbena... 

  • Fruit trees, grapes and berries arrive from our growing grounds.

  • Great time to select and plant a citrus if you didn't do it in spring.

Garden center & Giftware

  • Find father's day gift ideas throughout the nursery.

  • Pottery selection is still at its prime with new selection for summer.