Spring Bulbs


New to the bulb scene? A little intimidated by a planting processes that spans a couple seasons? Never fear! We have some tips to get you going. Once you get your little buddies in the ground, the rest is mostly maintenance. You've got this.


Buying bulbs:

  • All of our seasoned bulbers know that now in the time to start shopping for spring. We have all of our bulbs in stock, so the best selection can be found right now. Are you a little apprehensive, or afraid of commitment? Do not worry, there will still be bulbs available in the coming weeks when you change your mind.
  • Think about quantity. Do you want a sea of daffodils? Then you will need a ton of bulbs. We offer large bulb bags of daffodils to fit your quota. Do you just want a few paper whites by your front door? That will only require a few bulbs placed strategically. 
  • Bulbs can be edible! Onions, garlic, and shallots also come in bulbs, which you can find in our store.


A simple guide to getting your bulbs in the ground:

1. Plant in early November. By this point, the ground should be cool enough to keep them happy. Bulbs planted in soil that is too warm will sprout much earlier than they should.

2. Make sure your bulbs are deep enough. The last thing you want is for critter to dig up your little future flower babes! When in doubt, check with our knowledgeable staff. For added protection you can use chicken wire both below the bulbs in the ground (forming a nice little bowl) and just under the soil's surface. This will help keep away those pesky gophers that seem to always go-pher your bulbs. 

3. Watering! The first day in the ground you'll want to make sure you water them when planting. After that, bulbs really don't appreciate being over-watered, so start by checking on them every few days so you can get a sense of how the soil is retaining moisture. See step 4 for help.

4. Don't let Mulch Madness get the best of you. Mulch can help keep your little buddies in perfect harmony with their new home. Adding mulch to your bulb bed is great, just don't overdo it; keep it to a light sprinkle. Over mulching can trap in too much moisture and rot your bulbs.


As always, we want you to go forth and garden with confidence. If you have any questions about bulbs or are hesitant to get planting, let us know. Stop by  the nursery or check out the contact page to reach us.