Ornamental Plants

  • This is the busy season at the nursery. Shipments arrive daily and stock is ever changing.

  • Shop for spring flowering trees and shrubs as they come into bloom: dogwood, azaleas, viburnum, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, gardenias...

  • Daylilies start to show their color. Select in May and June.

  • Clematis selection is great now.

  • Rhododendron are blooming - select now.

  • Shop for grasses and succulents in 4" and 1gallon containers.

  • Bougainvilleas, hibiscus and other frost tender plants are here now through summer for summer color to last into fall.

  • Hydrangea selection is vast with so many new and improved varieties and old favorites.

  • Always great color to freshen up the yard for Graduation and other spring parties.

  • Always a great selection of trees and shrubs throughout the nursery.

Edible Plants

  • Summer vegetable planting is in full swing and our tables are overflowing. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, lettuce, beans, chard, corn, beets, spinach, basil, leek, carrots, arugula, melons, squash, cucumbers...

  • Herbs are very popular - we have two large tables filled with basils, parsleys, cilantro, dill, thymes, chervil, savory, oreganos, sages, fennels, tarragons, chives, lemon balm, stevia, lemon verbena... 

Garden Center & Giftware

  • Mother's Day gift ideas are everywhere in the nursery!

  • Ladybugs, praying mantis and beneficial nematodes are available now through summer.