Welcome to Van Winden’s 2019 Gift Guide

We have the gear for every type of gardener you're shopping for this Holiday season. Make it simple and give one of our new(!) Gift Cards or continue reading for gift-giving inspiration. 


The Vegetable Gardener

Do you know someone who offers you peas in the spring, tomatoes in the summer, and squash in the fall? You may know a veg-head! Here are some gifts that will make them smile and show that you appreciate them sharing their bounty each season.

  • Watering Can - A shiny new watering can is quite the luxury and we have quite a few from which to choose.

  • Water Nozzle - Few things are more frustrating to a gardener than a hose nozzle that doesn't spray well. And most gardeners tend to make do with 'good enough.' But it's the Holidays! Treat them to the best (and a Dramm lifetime guarantee.)

  • Hula Hoe - This wiggling contraption is a staff favorite for weeding in between vegetables. There is a short-handle version for raised beds too! 

  • Snips - Tiny pruners that are endlessly useful while out maintaining rows of vegetables. 

  • Fish Emulsion - This stinky fertilizer is garden gold. And you're sure to get a chuckle when the gift wrap comes off. 

  • Gloves - We are firm believers that Santa should leave a fresh pair of gloves under everyone's Christmas tree. What's a better treat than new gloves? 


The Rose Gardener

Roses are notoriously tricky and those that choose to grow them are famously patient! Here are some gift ideas for the rosarians in your life.

  • Rose Gloves - Unlike the usual gardening glove that comes up just past your wrist, rose gloves protect your entire forearm from what ever thorns come their way. We sell rose gloves in soft leather as well as synthetic materials that can be machine washed. 

  • Felco Pruners - These Swiss-made pruners are truly top of the line! This line of pruners is made with the best materials and all parts are replaceable. We recommend a Felco 2 for big-handed rose lovers and a Felco 6 for those with smaller hands. And Felco doesn't forget the lefties! Left-handed people can prune comfortably with a Felco 9. 

  • How to Prune Fruit Trees and Roses - This small paperback book is a great guide for pruning roses and more.

  • Copper Plant Tags - With over 3000 roses in commerce, it can be surprisingly hard to keep track of just which rose is in your backyard. Copper plant tags are a beautiful way to label your Floribunda Vavoom or Eden Climber.

  • Rose Food - An organic fertilizer such as Bumper Crop Rose Food is the best way to encourage a great season of blooms and a great way to show that you care.

Plus our 2019 Bare Root Rose List was just announced! Dazzle your rose-lover with the brand-new Arctic Blue, thorn-less Cabana, or heat-loving Chrysler Imperial. We offer potting and gift wrap services to make any plant gift-worthy. 


The Cottage Gardener

Do you know anyone whose house is just so cute? There are always flowers blooming in their yard and a whirly-gig tucked along a fence? Here are some gifts we sell that they will love!

  • Statuary - Increase the charm with a lovely garden statue. We have all sorts of animals and garden art to choose from. 

  • Fountains - A luxury to be sure! Every cottage garden would benefit fro the sound of running water. We have styles big and small to choose from. 

  • Copper Plant Stakes - A beautiful way to keep track of perennial plants in the garden. The copper strip is easily embossed with a ballpoint pen with a plant's name or color. There is no worry of pen ink fading with these sturdy stakes!

  • Rain Chain - A quick way to make a cute garden cuter. Never seen a rain chain in action? See more here

  • Neptune's Harvest - This organic fertilizer has been helping flowers bloom for more than 30 years.We think it's the best way to make perennial pants extra happy when the weather gets warmer. 


The Pampered Gardener

Let's not forget that digging in the dirt can be hard work! We've searched the far corners of the earth for the best lotions, salves, and soaps that will pamper and delight after a long day working outside.

  • The Fay Farm Rejuvenation Lotion - With added Hemp Oil Extract for improved relief for deep muscle and joint pain, this handmade lotion is the ultimate luxury.

  • Lemon Basil Shea Butter Soap - This is a triple milled artisanal soap that is made in England. And dare we say it's packaging is beautiful enough that gift wrap is unnecessary? 

  • Peony Soy Wax Candle - This cute boxed candle has an estimated 40 hours of burn time and is sure to relax weary nerves.

  • Tranquility Bath Bomb - What better way to loosen up than a drawn bath at the end of the day? Toss one of these in and your pampered gardener can take their bath to the next level. 

  • Naturally European Verbena Luxury Hand Cream - From perhaps the most popular line of lotions we sell! You can't seem to go wrong with one of these lotions as a gift, or for yourself! 


The Beginner Gardener

Hoping to get kids out in the garden this spring? We have all the gear they'll need to keep them comfortable, safe, and inspired!

  • Mini Tools - We have shovels, rakes, spades, and trowels in bright colors and miniature sizes.

  • Watering Can - Who wouldn't want a watering can shaped like a flamingo or cow?

  • Gloves - We have leather gloves in kid's sizes 3 and 5 for serious garden-helpers.

  • Insect Cages - For curious kids to get an extra long look at curious bugs. 

  • Nature Explorer Set - A bug net, tweezers, and magnifying glass for catch and release exploration. 

  • Seeds - Big seeds (like beans) are fun to learn with indoors ... and smaller seeds like California Poppies are fun to broadcast outdoors and watch emerge in early Spring!