What To Plant

  • Celosia is a plant that you can count on for bright summer bloom in pink, crimson, gold or orange-red in the plumed variety.

  • For a lush green carpet in a shaded flowerbed, rock garden or raised bed, plant baby tears. It spreads rapidly filling in the areas where you plant it.

  • Potted hyndrangeas on a shaded patio or under a lath will add a large splash of color with their enormous blooms.

  • Dwarf Citrus may be small in stature but their fruit is full sized. Plant them for fragrance, foliage and fruit in the garden. They are excellent in containers as well as in ground plantings.

Plant Protection

  • Before your cherries and other summer fruit begin to ripen protect them from hungry birds with bird scare tape (shiny tape that moves in the wind), plastic netting, and plastic owls.

  • Hose off evergreen conifers every now and then through summer to discourage spidermites.

  • Protect Japanese Maples; apply Cloud Cover to the foliage before the end of June and then monthly thereafter to protect the leaves from moisture loss.

  • Hungry tomato hornworms as well as geranium budworms and other caterpillars are ready to munch on your garden. Control them with earth friendly Safer’s B.t. Caterpillar Killer.

  • Put out Olive Fruit Fly Traps now and spray with Spinosad if flies are spotted.


  • Transplants will benefit from RootMaster B-1 especially during hot months. It helps to relieve the transplant shock and stimulates new roots to grow.

  • Before you have trouble with blossom end rot in your tomatoes use Foli-cal. Blossom end rot creates a leathery brown patch at the bottom end of a tomato and can be caused by insufficient calcium.

  • Look for yellow leaves on azaleas, citrus and gardenias and treat with chelated iron if needed.


  • Before transplanting any bedding plants, prepare the soil, clean out any dead or diseased plant material and water the bed lightly a day or two before putting out the plants.

  • Raise the height of your lawnmower to 2 ½ -3 inches for the summer. Taller grass survives hot temperatures better and helps shade our weed invaders.

  • Divide and repot Cymbidiums if needed.

  • Clip runners off strawberries and feed to prolong harvest.

  • Remove spent flower stems from daylilies.