Know Your Kale

With so many different varietals out there, how are you meant to choose just one? Click the kale below to learn more about each kind. Our stock varies day to day, so be sure to check in with our bedding staff to find the ones you're looking for.

Things to Note When Shopping for Kale Plants


  • Our kale varieties come from a number of local growers. If you have a preferred variety and supplier, chances are we can get it!

  • Consider how long you want your kale. We recommend choosing a couple plants so you can experience the different flavor and textures the varieties offer over a few seasons. If you're a big fan a baby kale, it's good to have a plant that you will have dedicated to harvesting those early, tender greens.

  • All of our growers are free of neonicotoids. This means that all of the veggies we receive, whether they are certified organic or not, have not been treated with any of the harsh pesticides in this category.

  • Hybrid does not = bad, scary GMO. A hybrid is the result of two plants gettin' together to make a new plant.