• Feed! Feed! Feed! Winter cold and the rains have washed nutrients from the soil. Fertilize all of your plants to support spring growth. Begin feeding in March or April.
  • Begin feeding roses with rose food now and through fall according to rose food directions. Our favorite rose foods are: Dr Earth, Master Nursery, Maxsea and Rose Magnum.

  • Supplement roses every spring with Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) and Alfalfa meal. The Epsom salts promotes bigger blooms and the alfalfa meal encourages more basil canes to grow.

  • This is a good time to start feeding fruit trees, grapes and berries. We recommend Dr. Earth or Garden Elements Fruit Tree Food for the organic nutrition your plants need to produce the best crop ever!

Plant Protection

  • Spring rains bring fungus. Control rust, black spot and powdery mildew on roses with Serenade or Rose Defense earth friendly effective sprays. Apply as needed through spring.'

  • Protect new plantings from slugs and snails with pet safe Sluggo or Master Snail, Slug & Insect Control.

  • Prevent wormy apples by controlling coddling moth. If you have apple trees and want to monitor codling moth activity to determine the best time to spray: use our Surefire Fruit Tree Pest Traps. The lure or bait in the trap duplicates the female codling moth's pheromone (scented hormone), which attracts the male moths and captures them before they are able to mate. Codling moth traps should be placed into apple trees soon to monitor or control coddling moth activity.  Traps should be usedat least two weeks before buds break.  Use two Fruit Tree Pest Traps per apple tree to help you monitor codling moth activity. Each carton includes 2 traps, lure and hanger. If you determine you have coddling moths then begin to spray with Spinosad. (If you want to control the coddling moths with traps alone, use 4 traps per tree.)

  • Put out homemade traps on cherry trees for drosophila and spray with Spinosad if needed.


  • Remember to water plants under eaves and in containers. It’s important now to deep water trees and shrubs if it isn’t raining on a regular basis. If it stops raining, deep root water your trees and shrubs. Their root systems are starting to grow now.

  • Begin pruning most evergreen shrubs, but for spring flowering shrubs wait until they are done blooming.

  • Cut back Fuchsias about two thirds down to main branching. Make sure you keep some leave buds where new branches will grow.