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Jun 18 2013

                As we begin to enter the summer season, Salvias, more commonly known as sages, are in full bloom and looking their best.  All of the species of Salvia belong to the mint family and comprise the largest and most diverse genus within it.  To list all of the different Salvia’s many uses, one could easily fill a book, and so for the sake of saving trees and time, we will take only a brief look at some of the utilities of this amazing genus of plant.

                Many of Salvia’s desirable properties can be traced to the fine hairs on its leaves (trichomes).  Ever wonder why pineapple sage (Salvia elegans) smells like pineapple?  The answer lies within the trichomes, as they contain the oil bearing cells responsible for nearly every one of Salvias’ aromatic, culinary, or even psychedelic properties.  This explains why when one rubs the leaves of especially odoriferous species of Salvia, such as Salvia x Pozo Blue, the fragrance intensifies and lingers on one’s fingers; the friction caused by rubbing pops thousands of oil yielding cells.

                While it is common knowledge that certain Salvias (mostly varieties of Salvia officianalis) are used in cooking, many do not know which specific types are considered ‘best’ and when/how they are to be implemented.  Tricolor, purple, and other forms of variegated Salvia officionalis are aesthetically pleasing edible varieties, but do not possess the high degree of flavor and succulent consistency as the Berggarten type officionalis.  Sage is one of the most potent culinary herbs so, depending on one’s desired taste, its addition should be sparse.  Freshly picked sage, as opposed to dried, yields a more mild potency, as well as adding the ingredient early in the cooking process.  Some dishes or meats that sage complements well include: high fat content meats (duck/goose, pork, lamb), addition to sausages and stuffings, and various sauces such as butter and tomato.

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Jan 14 2013

liqui-copPrevention is the key and dormant spraying is the answer. We recommend at least three applications of a copper fungicide  to control peach leaf curl, shot hole fungus on cherries and apricots, and bacterial blight on lilacs and apricots. You should begin in November and follow up applications in January and February. If you did not do the November application don’t sweat it, start now and follow up with another spray at the ‘popcorn stage’ when the bud is beginning to open. Do make a point to start in November next year.

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Sep 14 2012

No, but it makes for fun décor! We now have moss pumps to go with our moss purses. Fill with flowers, treats, or whatever your creative mind comes up with and you’ve got a unique little gift that is sure to please! Stop in to see all of our new gifts and décor that have just arrived.  We have a great selection of Christmas and Holiday items as well to liven up any household.  We also have a great selection of Holiday items that make great gifts.

Jul 17 2012

maxseaThis is a staff favorite for flowering container gardens, house plants and flower beds. Maxsea plant foods are an excellent choice for foliar or root feeding. Maxsea Plant Food is a blend of the finest natural seaweed and important secondaries and micronutrients. The easy to use concentrate dissolves instantly and completely in water for fast acting, immediate results. Maxsea Plant Food contains over 60 recognized elements, as well as essential vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, alginates, natural antibiotics, carbohydrate compounds, and growth hormones all known to be beneficial to plants. This product increases your plants natural resistance to insects, fungi, disease and pests while enhancing root development and sustained growth. It will increase blooming as well giving your plants vigorous growth and longevity.

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