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Van Winden’s Garden Center is a family owned nursery that has been serving the Napa Valley since 1953. It is our quality, our amazing selection, and friendly service that attracts people from all over the Bay Area.

February Garden Guide

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Van Winden's 2016 Rose List

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(Bareroot prices through January 23rd)

2016 Bare-Root Fruit Tree List!

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2016 Berry List!

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Duration of bareroot fruit & berries is dependent on weather.  Once temperatures increase & new roots begin to form, remaining stock will be canned and held at our growing grounds until fully rooted, which historically occurs in June.

Lots of new high quality silk flowers that can easily be mistaken for the real thing!

It's not too late to spray your fruit trees!  If you forgot to make your November copper and/or dormant oil application, don't forget to make the second one when buds begin to swell.  Copper can help prevent a wide array of fungal & bacterial diseases, while dormant oils will smother overwintering insect eggs.

Protecting temperature sensitive plants, such as citrus & succulents, from frost is key.  The best way, is to cover them with frost protecting blankets.  Make sure there are no exposed areas, especially on the top of the plant.  Do not prune out already frost damaged plant matter, for it can act as further insulation from the cold.

The greenhouse is stocked full of house plants, succulents, ferns, and bromeliads! 


Master Nursery

Van Winden's is a Master Nursery Garden Center, so you can expect to find all the great Master Nursery products and the certified Master Nursery Professionals to help you with product and plant questions.



Quality & Selection

Our retail nursery sits on almost 2 acres and our growing grounds extends the selection with 8 acres of roses, olives, trees and shrubs including many large specimens.