What To Plant

  • Plant early flowering sweet peas for an abundance of color during the holiday season.

Plant Protection

  • If crab grass has made an unwanted appearance in your lawn, treat it now with Trimec crabgrass killer.
  • Stop those summer pests such as ants, lawn moths, and earwigs before their damage becomes extensive. Spread Eco Smart insect granules.
  • If your tuberous begonias are dropping buds, they might not be getting enough air circulation. Too much shade causes the same problem.


  • If you are going on vacation, prepare your garden ahead of time by mulching and giving the garden a thorough soaking the day before you leave. This is not the time, however, to fertilize, as new growth will suffer if there is a heat wave while you are gone.
  • Monthly fertilizing and deadheading (removing) spent blossoms is the key to continued bloom from your flowering plants this summer.
  • Keep the cutting edge of the lawn mower up at least 2 ½ inches. The roots will stay cooler and the grass happier in this hot weather.
  • Train new blackberry vine canes on a trellis or other supports and be sure to cut to the ground the old canes that bore this year’s crop.