What To Plant

  • A blooming token of your love this Valentine’s Day says it best! Choose from an assortment of fragrant blooming bulbs, African violets, cyclamen and lush house plants.

  • Choose azaleas and camellias now while they are in bloom. The selection is great and choosing now means you’ll find just the right color for your garden.

  • Cool season lettuce, chard, spinach and other greens can be planted in the vegetable garden. Our vegetable tables are filling in again! And we have seed potatoes in!

  • Choose your summer shade now. Plant trees in the garden. We have a huge selection of every height, width, evergreen, deciduous, showing fall color or flowering.

  • This is a good time to select citrus. We’re getting shipments in this month and if you’re looking for something in particular now’s the time to get it.

  • This is a good month for planting ground-cover plants. They will be able to establish strong root systems before “hot” weather appears.

  • Set out perennials this month so you can enjoy their late spring and early summer blooms.

  • Summer blooming bulbs are available at the nursery now. Choose from dahlias, gladiolus, begonias and more. We sell out quickly so don’t delay!

  • Bare Root season ends when buds start to form. If you want to plant a tree or berry from bare root then act quickly.

Maintenance & Protection

  • Prune roses, fruit trees, grapes and berry vines this month for a more bountiful harvest in the summer.

  • Start your tomato and pepper seeds indoors.

  • Snails and slugs are active at this time of the year. Keep bait in strategic places like ivy beds and flower borders.

  • Give your houseplants a new year’s bath! Their leaves need to be cleaned of dust and other residue. Set them in the sink or bathtub and sponge off the leaves. Trim where necessary and give them a good drink. In a day or two you can fertilize them.

  • This month is your last chance to dormant spray your fruit trees.


Dormant Oil - Aphid & Mite Eggs, & Scale

Dormant Oil - Mite Eggs, Scale, Twig Borer

Dormant Oil - Aphid & Mite Eggs, Scale, & Twig Borer

Dormant Oil - Scale

Copper Spray - Bacterial Canker

Dormant Oil - Scale

Copper Spray - Peach Leaf Curl

Olive (Non-Oil Varieties):

Copper Spray - Peacock Spot


Dormant Oil - Scale

Copper Spray - Peach Leaf Curl


Dormant Oil - Aphid & Mite Eggs, Scale, Pyslla


Dormant Oil - Aphid & Mite Eggs, & Scale


Dormant Oil - Scale