What You'll Find At Our Nursery

We encourage everyone to come in to explore the grounds in search of their perfect plant, and you can expect to see large selections of green goods to spruce up your space. Whether you are landscaping your yard or looking to brighten up your bedroom, our 2-acre nursery houses a variety of plants to help inspire you. In addition to our retail nursery, we have a separate 10 acres of growing grounds that we pull from on a regular basis, keeping our variety fresh. With both large and small formats available, you can explore the following sections of our nursery: 

trees and shrubs   /     fruit trees   /     roses     /     succulents & cacti

flowers, vegetables, & herbs     /     grasses     /     water plants

house plants     /     florist color     /     seeds and bulbs


Looking for something specific? 

We try to keep our nursery as well-stocked as possible, but sometimes we run out of things or cannot order them from our suppliers. If something is available, we do our best to fill special order requests for any garden goods you might be searching for. Depending on availability, orders can be filled between 1-4 weeks. Speak with our staff about getting in touch with our buyers!