Plant Protection

  • Don't let citrus or any other frost tender plant go dry in cold frosty weather. Lay frost cloth over them for protection during cold spells as winter sets in.  Protecting the β€˜top’ of the plant where frost settles is the most important!

  • Remove mistletoe if you find it in your trees. It will weaken you tree and serves best as decoration around the house. Just be careful, as it is mildy poisonous to cats and dogs.

  • Living Christmas trees get our vote this month. Use them as your tree this holiday and enjoy them in your yard in the new year. If you are using a living Christmas tree, remember that it should not be indoors any longer than 7 to 10 days.

  • While we love staying warm and toasty, our houseplants do not enjoy the dry heat from central heating or fireplaces. Move them away from direct heat and create humidity by misting them or setting them over a saucer of rocks and water.


  • November through January are the best months to transplant. Any plant in your garden that needs to get moved due to size, lack of sun or any other reason should be done now while it is in its dormant stage.

  • Pruning season for roses, deciduous fruit trees, grapes,  berries and other dormant plants begins now.

  • Continue feeding Cymbidiums. Whether your are giving them as gifts or you've received a number from friends, winter is a popular time for orchids. Make next year YOUR year for keeping your new bud alive.

  • Check outdoor potted plants and bulbs for excess water. Also check any plants that are under the eaves. It might be time to cut back on watering or plan for relocation.

  • To keep birds around, hang bird feeders and make sure they are filled for the winter.