Here are our best tips for a strong strawberry harvest!


Everbearing varieties don’t actually produce berries year round but you can expect to see berries every season except for Winter here in the Napa Valley areas.

Day-Neutral varieties will keep your baskets full Spring/Summer/Fall. This is great if you’re hoping to eat your berries fresh. Fruit size is typically smaller than June and Everbearing varieties.

June Bearing varieties will ripen usually within a 2-3 week period of time and often produce the largest berries! If you want to make strawberry jam or otherwise preserve your harvest then seek out a June Bearer. You can prolong your harvest by planting two or three varieties of June Bearers that fall into progressive categories like season/early midseason/midseason/late midseason/late season.


Strawberries need well draining soil and prefer a slightly acidic pH. Our Organic Bumper Crop is the perfect thing to mix in to your soil. If your soil is clay and you have drainage issues then we recommend mounding up some soil and planting directly in the mound to help with drainage.


We typically have bare root strawberries in during Winter and early Spring. You can expect to see 6-packs of berry plants on our benches Spring through Fall.
The crown of the strawberry plant should be above soil level because a crown planted too deep will likely rot!
For a small harvest, grow 10-12 plants in a container or raised bed. For a larger crop, be sure to space your plants 14-18 inches apart and take advantage of the runners that .


Mulch with straw or pine needles to keep berries clean, keep moisture in the soil and deter pests.
Pinch off the earliest blossoms to increase plant vigor.
Don’t let your strawberry plants dry out. (This is a great use for drip irrigation)
Pinch off runners for larger plants and larger berries OR encourage runners grow 7-10 inches apart for larger crops of smaller berries.
Keep plants disease free by keeping them tidy. Remove bad fruit and damaged leaves, putting them in your trash rather than your compost bin.

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