What To Plant

  • September and October are prime months to plant permanent plants that are not frost tender.

  • It's not too late for planting fall vegetables and herbs.

  • Plant new lawns or patch an existing lawn now while conditions are at their prime.

  • Sow wildflowers now for spring.

Plant Nutrition

  • Continue planting and feeding fall annuals while soil is warm so that they are full for winter.

  • Continue to treat hydrangeas with aluminum sulfate.

  • Start feeding Cymbidiums with bloom food and bring them inside for the winter to force the blooms.


  • Divide and trim clumping plants like clivia, daylilies, gazanias, shasta daisies...

  • Divide hardy water lilies.

  • Cut back on watering if you did not have to in September.

  • Clean up spent flowers and any decaying fruits and vegetables that invite pests to the garden.