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Plant shopping can now be done in your pajamas.

We have partnered with our pals at Monrovia to offer you both the convenience of online shopping and the advantage of viewing their entire availability for our area. 

With the Monrovia online shopping option, you will be able to purchase plants directly from their inventory and have them shipped to our nursery. Finding plants for our zone will still be easy, but you will have the added bonus of being able to shop larger quantities and discover plants that we many not typically have in-stock (say "helloooo" to big garden projects!)

The best part? We'll call you when your plants arrive. When it's time for pick-up, come by and speak to a cashier about your order so it can be confirmed and loaded into your vehicle. Want to set up a delivery with us? No problem, just be sure to give us a call ahead of time so we can arrange a delivery window. 

When picking up your plants, please bring in your confirmation number so we can confirm your order. Happy planting!

Questions? We would love to help you with plant selection and care! Any questions regarding billing can be answered by contacting Monrovia directly at